2021 Programs

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Spring, Summer and Fall Programs in 2021 included all ages and participants from local organizations. Horses were critical and essential partners in this work providing lasting benefits to each participant including:

  • Calming the nervous system and easing social interactions.
  • Facilitating the process of self-discovery and self-awareness. 
  • Practicing more adaptive ways to connect and engage in healthy relationships.
  • Motivating children and adults to have a deeper involvement in their overall healing journey.
  • Increasing joy and other positive felt states of mind.

Research shows that experiential therapy methods are more effective for treating trauma and other body-based conditions rather than standard talk therapy. Many people have found the gentle, non-judgemental curiosity of the horse, along with the relaxed environment, enhances the therapeutic experience. The barn setting provides counselors and facilitators creative options to support clients in achieving their therapy goals.

Horse Connections Groups

An after-school and summer program, that has developed into a Signature Program for MoonRise, is offered in the Spring, Summer and Fall. Through partnering with horses and utilizing expressive art therapy and mindfulness, the Horse Connections program grows healthy connections to self, others and the earth.


Teen Anxiety Group

Horse Connections Group

Ages 8-11


The Haven Camp

Horse Connections Group

Ages 8-11

FALL 2021

HorsePower Group

Ages 12-14

Horse Connections Group

Ages 8-11

Parent Support Group