MoonRise Therapeutics Assumption of Risk Form/Photo Release/Mailing List

MoonRise Therapeutics, Inc. is committed to protecting safety and well-being of all involved.

Obligations of All Visitors/Users:

To protect my safety and the safety of all I come in contact with at MoonRise Therapeutics, I agree to follow all safety rules set out by MoonRise Therapeutics. I also agree to stay home and reschedule if I have a fever and/or a contagious illness including COVID-19 or Influenza.

Assumption of Risk:

1.Visitors understand that use of the property, horses and equipment has inherent risk to themselves and their property. By accessing the property, horses and equipment, visitors agree to assume all risks of injury and damages and to hold the Owners harmless for any and all injury to their person or property.

2. Visitors agree, at their cost, to defend, indemnify and hold harmless, the Owners, MRT employees, volunteers and any agents of the work of MRT, from and against any and all claims, suits, liens, judgments, damages, losses and expenses including reasonable attorney fees and legal expenses and costs arising in whole or in part and in any manner from damages to persons or property which result from access to the property, horses and equipment

Under Vermont Law, an equine activity sponsor is not liable for an injury to, or the death of, a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities that are obvious and necessary, pursuant to 12 V.S.A 1039.

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Mailing List:

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