2022 Clinical Programs

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Service Locations

MRT offers individual clinical counseling sessions at two locations:

  1. MRT’s home location in Taftsville, Vermont.
  2. Our High Horses partner’s location in Sharon, Vermont.

Counseling Program Description

This program is a mental health counseling program, not a riding program. MRT incorporates horse interactions into the counseling process. Connections participants work with a licensed mental health clinician from MRT, an equine specialist, and a gentle, curious horse in a beautiful barn setting. Sessions are typically 55-minutes and are scheduled weekly. VT-Medicaid and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont insurances are accepted and scholarships may be available.

Each participant will have their own unique treatment plan based on their therapy goals. An initial conversation with a member of the MoonRise clinical staff is required prior to the start of any clinical work. This allows the client and clinician the opportunity to discuss the issues and concerns you are looking to address, any questions you may have, and it helps both of us determine if this program is an appropriate fit for you.

Prior horse experience is not a requirement for including horses into the counseling work, although having an appreciation for animals can be helpful. Many clients start this work never having interacted with a horse. Most of the clinical work will be done on the ground, however occasional mounted work may be included if the clinician deems it clinically appropriate. Including a horse as part of mental health counseling can bring many benefits including:

● Calming the nervous system, easing social interactions, and learning
● Facilitating the process of self-discovery
● Practicing more adaptive ways of engaging in healthy relationships
● Motivating children and adults to have a deeper involvement in their healing journey
● Increasing joy and other positive felt states

Research shows that experiential therapy methods are more effective for treating trauma and other body-based conditions rather than standard talk therapy. Many people have found the gentle, non-judgemental curiosity of the horse, along with a more relaxing environment, enhances the therapeutic experience. The barn setting provides the counselor with many creative tools for working together while helping the client achieve their therapy goals.

Additional Information


Clinical sessions can be charged through insurance, or paid out-of-pocket.

MRT is contracted with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont and Vermont Medicaid.

If paying out-of-pocket, prices will be discussed directly with your clinician.

Please specify on the inquiry form if you need financial assistance.

Dates & Times

Clinical sessions are scheduled directly with your clinician to best fit your needs.

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