Continuing MoonRise Programs

Spring, Summer and Fall Programs in 2021 included all ages and participants from local organizations. Horses were critical and essential partners in this work providing lasting benefits to each participant including:

  • Calming the nervous system and easing social interactions.
  • Facilitating the process of self-discovery and self-awareness. 
  • Practicing more adaptive ways to connect and engage in healthy relationships.
  • Motivating children and adults to have a deeper involvement in their overall healing journey.
  • Increasing joy and other positive felt states of mind.

Research shows that experiential therapy methods are more effective for treating trauma and other body-based conditions rather than standard talk therapy. Many people have found the gentle, non-judgemental curiosity of the horse, along with the relaxed environment, enhances the therapeutic experience. The barn setting provides counselors and facilitators creative options to support clients in achieving their therapy goals.

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High Horses (HH) Collaboration

MRT collaborates with High Horses in Sharon, Vermont for specialized mental health programming. As of Fall 2021, a full day, on Tuesdays, is dedicated to MRT programming.

If interested in this program, please complete our online inquiry form.

Veterans Group

MRT collaborates with Vermont Adaptive Ski & Sports by offering Veterans a time to visit MRT and discover a calm and healing connection with the horses. Programs are hosted monthly throughout the spring, summer and fall. Additionally, Vermont Adaptive offers several 4-day Veteran Retreats with activities at MoonRise included during the retreat.

Family Day

Held once a month with funding support from Vermont Children’s Trust.    

MRT’s clinicians create natural opportunities for children and caregivers to strengthen their relationships and enhance their connection to themselves and the community at large. Visiting families are introduced to relaxing, playful, and thoughtful equine experiences that encourage families to step out of their ordinary roles. Participants may take on a new responsibility and/or risk while learning to hopefully make safe choices and decisions in the context of their family unit and the activity they were engaged in together.

Play Group

An opportunity for playgroup families to build social connections. Families interact on the farm with the horses, work on a collective project, and/or engage in any one of the numerous farm activities that might be introduced. The time spent at MRT allows for increased communication and thoughtful interaction without daily distractions of home-life, technology, and work. Our playgroups are supported by the Strengthening Families Network.

Healing Trauma Group

A support group for adults to deepen self-awareness and understanding of how to process emotions stemming from trauma. Partnering with the horses, participants learn to name, feel, sit with, and eventually process their strong emotions as they continue to heal and support themselves and others in the group.

If interested in any continuing programs, please complete an online inquiry form.

Please email with any questions.