Please become part of our team by making a contribution to MoonRise Therapeutics.

Your Donation will:

Support us to provide scholarships for people to attend MRT Programs
90% of our programs include clients from marginalized communities who are unable to afford our services.
Support our highly trained therapy horses to continue to develop their skills
The work of our trained horses offers a grounding, calm, non-judgmental connection that is highly valued by our clients for their healing and coping and thus, horse care is a priority.
Support us continue to provide updated safe protocols due to the pandemic
Protocols, on-going training, and more allow MRT to provide safe and healthy spaces for clients and programs.
Support us to provide special equipment for Equine Assisted Mental Health Therapy
Special equipment is needed for increased therapy work of the horses for lunging, vaulting, and more, in turn allowing for the number of clients using new methods to connect with the horses to increase.
Support MRT Clinicians with on-going professional development
Weekly professional development clinics are hosted at MRT.

PLEASE send your donation today. Your gift of ANY amount will enable us to reach our annual goal. With your support, MRT will continue to provide the best possible care for our community.

To make a tax deductible financial contribution to MoonRise Therapeutics a 501 (c) (3):
CHECK – Payable to MoonRise Therapeutics
MoonRise Therapeutics, Inc
PO Box 90
Taftsville, VT 05073

CREDIT CARD through PayPal

Your support provides MRT the opportunity to provide Equine Assisted Mental Health Therapy to all ages in our community.

Costs continue to increase and Moonrise Therapeutics relies heavily on donations to support programming. Moonrise Therapeutics’ commitment to serving people without financial resources is important and the request for services is growing, thus we need individual, foundation and corporate donations to keep our programs affordable and available to all.

Annually, Moonrise Farm hosts fundraising events to benefit MoonRise Therapeutics.  This event may be large or small, given the year.  However, we encourage you to participate by attending, donating, or volunteering your time.  Every little bit helps immensely.

Visit our Calendar for information on upcoming fundraising events.

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