Meet The Herd

DSC_8463 - Spirit, Xanthus, Makata

Spirit, Makata, and Xanthus – missing Simon – see below.

DSC_8425 - Makata

Makata was born on January 1, 2000 – a new years day foal.  A Paint/Draft mare who has a wonderful disposition and is a grounding force with the herd. She is strong, reliable, follows directions, a great partner, and has a calming affect on the herd. She has been especially patient and welcoming
to the new horse, Cherokee. She adores people and  enjoys being groomed and cared for by all.

Copy of IMG_9347

 Simon is the newest member of the herd arriving just in time for the summer programs. Simon is a gelding who was a little unsure at first but has quickly found his place at MoonRise Farm. Simon likes to be in close proximity to all the horses in the herd. He thrives with attention, is sweet, and quite affectionate.  He likes to connect with people and seems to get along with people of all ages. He likes to be groomed and appreciates the time with his human friends. In the ring, he is quick to listen and please his human partner.

DSC_8432 (2) - Xanthus

Xanthus was born on June 4, 2012 and is the youngest of the herd. His youthful attitude can be witnessed daily as he enjoys playing with people, dogs, and objects. He is very curious and always wants to know what you are up too. He is still learning about personal space but always quick to give a kind welcome nudge and hello when he greets someone for the first time. A tall, gelding, quarter horse with a beautiful dark brown coat who holds quite a presence in the paddock.

DSC_8440 - Spirit

Spirit or Freckless Single Girl, her formal name, is the smallest of the herd and fairly petite in stature compared to the others. She is a seventeen year young quarter horse who is well mannered, follows directions, and a great partner in the ring. She is sweet, kind and likes to be given a little extra TLC whenever possible. She can teach any human partner the important aspects of equine communication, if one desires to learn. Her pace although sometimes slow, is deliberate and consistent. She is a great horse to work with all ages and a joy to be around.

IMG_6048 Cat

Sunshine is the resident barn cat. Sunshine can at times be quite social and other times quite aloof. He loves to sit in the sunshine and soak up the warmth, especially after a long winter of cold and snow!