MRT’s Herd


Makata was born on January 1, 2000 – a new years day foal. 

A Paint/Draft mare who has a wonderful disposition and is a grounding force with the herd. She is strong, reliable, follows directions, a great partner, and has a calming affect on the herd. She typically is patient and welcoming to newcomers to the herd. She adores people and enjoys being groomed and cared for by all.


Krystall – an Icelandic horse that brings a smile to everyone upon meeting.

He is smart, quick to pick up new ricks and loves the adoration of all ages. He is patient, caring and always willing to support a human in need. MRT is lucky to have Krystall who is so prepared to work and provide care for others.


more info coming soon


Spirit or Freckless Single Girl – her formal name, is the smallest of the herd and fairly petite in stature compared to the others.

She is a seventeen year young quarter horse who is well mannered, follows directions, and a great partner in the ring. She is sweet, kind and likes to be given a little extra TLC whenever possible. She can teach any human partner the important aspects of equine communication, if one desires to learn. Her pace although sometimes slow, is deliberate and consistent. She is a great horse to work with all ages and a joy to be around.


more info coming soon


Amigo and Luna – the resident barn cats.

They joined the farm in December 2020 when they were still kittens but are growing daily! They are very social and are quick to get to know horses and humans alike. Often you might see one of them catching a warm ride on the back of their equine friends or in the arms of humans.

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