Spring 2022 Programs



Participants will learn basic ground centered skills to safely partner with a horse to greet, groom, and lead to/from paddock, stall and/or ring. Instructors will teach participants basic equitation including, but not limited to emotional regulation and self-care as well as basic horse knowledge, safety and handling. Expressive arts will be utilized to assist in learning and reinforcement of experiential learning.

This program was available to 6-8 participants of all genders, ages 9-12. No skill or previous experience was required for attendance. This program ran from May 4, 2022 to June 1, 2022.


Would you like to deepen your communication and working relationship with horses? You will have an opportunity to build trust, effective communication and have fun with horses.

The horse at liberty offers a unique experience of expressing freedom and choice. Out of all the prey animals, it was the horse’s curiosity which lead them to man over 3,000 years ago (Temple Grandin.) This unique relationship can offer profound experiences. How do we communicate with a 1,200 lb prey animal? How do we invite them to stay with us and how do we ask them to move away toward a desired goal?  How do we gain their trust? Ultimately the client asks how do I get a willing participant when we are not totally aligned? Something most effective leaders ask or intuitively do.  

In this course we will be introducing basic horse care (stall care and grooming) that we believe initiates the relationship of trust. Clients will work hands on with the horses under guided supervision in the pastures, barn and various arenas. Obstacles will be created in these controlled environments for the client to maneuver their horse through. We will have discussion groups before and after every session for goal setting and reflection. There will be observation time as well.

The culmination of our time together will be the client taking the horse at liberty through an obstacle course with the goal of being as far away from the horse as possible and still giving effective direction.

–> Open to all genders, ages 13-16. Open to 5-6 participants.


$100 for 6 sessions

Please specify on the registration form if you need financial assistance.

Dates & Times

This program is meets weekly on Mondays from 3:30pm to 5:30pm, for 6 weeks.

Monday, May 2 @3:30-5:00pm

Monday, May 9 @3:30-5:00pm

Monday, May 16 @3:30-5:00pm

Monday, May 23 @3:30-5:00pm

Monday, June 6 @3:30-5:00pm

Monday, June 13 @3:30-5:00pm


Please complete the following form for registration, specifying the program name, and our team will be in touch to confirm registration!

Please email office@moonrisetherapeutics.org if you have any questions.

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