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Compassionate Connection * Experiential Therapy * Joyful Play

MoonRise Therapeutics is a non-judgemental place for people of all ages and backgrounds to feel welcome. We help transform life experiences through partnership with our horses. We work with individuals, families, and groups utilizing experiential and holistic approaches to address root causes of issues emerging from adverse childhood experiences. We support each other to heal, to feel peace and calmness, and to understand healthy positive relationships with ourselves and others.

The programs are small and flexible, operating during the spring, summer and fall seasons. The individual and group programming are designed to meets the specific needs of our clients and utilize the barns, fields, and surrounding woods as places for self-exploration and discovery.

UPCOMING 2021 JUNE CLINICs With Heidi Potter

Creating Enrichment for the Therapy Horse with Horse Speak®

June 5 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm$175

It’s all about the horse! Therapeutic Program Instructors, Staff, Volunteers and Industry Therapists are welcomed and encouraged to attend this special event. Join us for this special day dedicated to the overall well-being of our equine therapy partners. The goal of this day is to share insights derived from Horse Speak to deepen your understanding and offer you skills to help the horse be the best he can be, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Self-Awareness: Energy, body language, breath, and mindfulness
The Horse’s Perspective: Understanding what’s important to them, meeting their needs and answering their questions.
How you affect the horse: Creating connection through understanding, clarity, and intention.
Conversing with the Horse-Leadership through listening: Reading their expression and body language and offering protection, clarity, and compassionate connection.
Improving Confidence & Bringing Calmness: Sharing energy, awareness of breath, safety objects, thresholds and offering protection.
Problem Solving Undesirable Behaviors: Crowding, nipping, pawing, fidgety in cross ties, tacking, and grooming.

Register by email: office@moonrisetherapeutics.org   
Participation is limited – waitlist will be created – register today by email – Don’t Delay

Compassionate Connection-Reaching the Next Level

June 6 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm$375

Horse enthusiasts of all levels and disciplines are invited to join us for a day of compassionate connection. Regardless of where you are in your horsemanship the goal of this clinic day is to bring your relationship to the next level. Heidi will share eastern philosophies, self-awareness exercises, Horse Speak® applications and some of the Centered Riding© Basics to help you reach your goal. This day begins with an interactive workshop followed by in-hand application and skill building. The afternoon small group sessions are designed to enhance your relationship by problem solving, improving trust, communication and understanding. Participants can choose whether to continue on the ground or work from the saddle.

Register by emailing: MoonRisetherapeutics@gmail.com   
Participation is limited – waitlist will be created – register today by email – Don’t Delay.

We strictly follow all Vermont State and CDC guidelines for COVID 19 for everyone’s safety. Signage regarding proper protocol, wearing of masks, and washing stations all greet visitors as they prepare to begin a session.

In this unsure time, we are all called upon to be brave, to do what is asked and requested of us, while at the same time find new methods of interacting. May we support one another and make sure no one is left out of the healing that we all need and deserve. Please note, we encourage you to follow us on instagram (moonrt802), and Facebook, and use our resource page for helpful information.

Sending you blessings, healing energy and so much love,
The MoonRise Therapeutics Team

It is wonderful to realize we are all in a family, we are all children of the earth. It is good to take care of each other and it is good to take care of our environment, and this is possible with the practice of togetherness. A positive change in individual awareness will bring about a positive change in the collective awareness” -Thich Nhat Hanh