Moonrise Farm is home to Moonrise Therapeutics. Founded in 2002, by DJ Jesser a licensed clinical social worker who believes strongly in the power of relationship building between horse and human. 

MoonRise Therapeutics was formed and received their non-profit status in 2018 and is increasingly well-known in the community for the services and programs they offer to all ages.

At MoonRise we help transform life experiences through partnership with our horses and integrating the expressive arts. We work with individuals, families, and groups utilizing experiential and holistic approaches to address root causes of issues emerging from adverse childhood experiences and other life stressors. The programs are small and flexible, operating during all seasons with winter being a bit quieter. We design programming to meet specific needs of our clients and utilize the barns, fields, and surrounding woods as places for self-exploration and discovery.

MoonRise Therapeutics is a safe and nurturing place for people of all ages and backgrounds to feel welcome. We support each other to heal, to feel peace and calmness, and to understand healthy positive relationships with ourselves, each other and our earth.


Mission: To nurture the well being of individuals and families through therapeutic and educational experiences that integrate clinical expertise, equine connections and other innovative approaches.

Vision: To bring together highly skilled clinical and equine professionals, a herd of well-loved horses, and community members to foster well-being, inspire healthy relationships, and be a training ground for equine-based mental-health practices.

Values: We believe in building a sense of belonging, calmness and warmth for everyone in our community through the following:

Compassionate Connection, Experiential Therapy, Joyful Play