Careers at MRT

MoonRise Therapeutics is always looking for interested Therapists

MISSION: To nurture the well being of individuals and families through therapeutic and educational experiences that integrate clinical expertise, equine connections and other innovative approaches. 

VISION: To bring together highly skilled clinical and equine professionals, a herd of well-loved horses, and community members to foster well-being, inspire healthy relationships, and be a training ground for equine-based mental-health practices.

VALUES: We believe in building a sense of belonging, calmness and warmth for everyone in our community through the following: Compassionate connection. Experiential therapy. Joyful play. 


Questions and further information can be provided via email.

Please make note of the following for a therapist position:
– Experience with horses and/or equine therapy is very helpful.
– Support of the MoonRise Therapeutics mission, vision, and values is imperative.


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