Whether you have many years of horse experience or no horse experience, this group invites you to partner with our horses in a unique way. A revitalized sense of empowerment can be achieved as the horse/human relationship matures. Participants notice increased self-awareness, competency and confidence. Additionally, connecting socially is a highlight for many participants. We explore the “language of the horse”, in and out of the herd, along with basic horse safety, care and handling. Art, music and the natural world will be integrated during each session as another means for reflection and connection.

–> Ages 18+.

–> No skill or previous experience required for attendance.


$25 per session

Please specify on the registration form if you need financial assistance.

Adult Horse Connections

Adult Horse Connections Nov. and Dec. 2023


Date and Time

Friday, November 17@10 am-12 noon

Friday, December 15@10 am-12 noon

Friday, January 12@10 am-12 noon

Friday, January 26@10 am-12 noon

Friday, February 9@10 am-12 noon

Friday, February 23@10 am-12 noon


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