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Sharon Wilsie is an accomplished horse trainer and rehabilitator expert.  Her ability to connect with horses is uncanny and she travels the world sharing her talents and gifts of communicating with all equines.  She has been a guest and good friend to MoonRise Therapeutics and MoonRise Farm.  We have been fortunate to host her at MoonRise for workshops and clinics.  Below are great resources to check out.

Utube:   Sharon Wilsie and the 8 secrets of Horse Breath Messages

Free Sharon Wilsie Mini Courses
Check out our FREE short courses – Enrichment by Sharing HayThe Breaths of Horse Speak and Releasing Tension with the Therapy Back Up.

Horse Speak with Sharon Wilsie is offering 25% off from now through April 30. (Helpful to those of you avoiding people and spending time with your horse instead.)Coupon Code SPRING2020 at checkout to get 25% off

Online Sharon Wilsie courses:
The Fundamentals of Horse Speak ~ A 6-part course
This course will deepen your understanding of Horse Speak. It is a perfect companion to Sharon’s first book, Horse Speak, the Equine-Human Translation Guide.

Helping Troubled Horses with Horse Speak ~ Not just for troubled horses!
This course begins with a discussion of why horses become troubled in the first place. When we understand the factors of environment, handling and training practices that cause problems for horses, we will understand how we can make small changes that will make a huge difference for our horses.

Heidi Potter – Holistic Horsemanship
High Horses Therapeutic Riding Program






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